Saturday, March 19, 2011

Here we go

Thought that i'd start by showing everybody some of tech that i keep
For starters the small stuff
(top) Free Loader pro solar charger

(bottom left) Zune HD 32GB

(bottom Right) Dooms day device
           (doubles as 4 port usb hub)

now for something a little bigger
my old HP DV5t
I upgraded the processor from
a pentium dualcore at 2.0ghz
to a Core2duo at 2.53ghz
and changed the hard drive
from 160GB to 500GB

it was a pretty reliable computer, about 3 years old now, 
the old nvidia 9800mGT is straining to play newer games

My shiny new Asus 
Republic of gamers G73jw
i7 Q740 at 1.73ghz
(2) 500GB hard drives
Nvidia GTX 460m 1.5GB
(right of laptop) Razer Mamba
and touch screen watch

i'm building a new desktop (finally) and as parts flow in i'll share them with all of you


  1. can you do some stuff with phones!! the droid 2 sparks my intrest ;))

  2. Nothing better to improve an earth-saving solar panel than a big, threatening red button. love it. (following btw)

  3. nice, but my wish is to get an Alienware.